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My first term in the Maine Senate has been amazing, challenging, intense, and a time of deep learning for me. I’m proud of my part in making things better for Mainers, and grateful for the opportunity to work on the issues that are important to my neighbors. Here are some of the things I’ve done:

  • Wrote and submitted a bill to require insurance companies to cover autism services for youths 5 to 10.
  • Advocated strongly for expanding Medicaid to help save the lives of Mainers.
  • Sponsored a bill to let people in hospices and nursing homes use medical marijuana if their doctors prescribe it.
  • Co-sponsored a bill to require hospitals to screen newborns for congenital heart defects – defects which can easily be operated on if they are caught.

I’ve always worked to make things better for others. When I first graduated from college I worked with adults with mental illness. I spent a year in Eastern Europe providing supportive counseling services to international students. While there, I developed a love for clinical work and also wanted to learn more about health and social policy. When I returned to the U.S., I earned a Masters in Social Work from Boston College.

I believe that political action is vital to helping those in need, because often the problems are more than individual ones. I can work with an individual or family, but if a person can’t find a job or doesn’t have money for food or heat, then whatever I do will not be as effective as addressing the larger issues. So I combine the two. I work to get the people of Central Maine the opportunities they need to succeed – not just survive.

I have fought for candidates and policies that improve access to affordable health care, promote economic fairness, and increase educational and vocational opportunities so Mainers can get jobs that pay a living wage.

As a little girl, my parents took me to Mass, where I learned that not everyone was as fortunate as I was. I was taught that we have a responsibility to care for those who are vulnerable. My father has been my role model through his volunteer work for food pantries and soup kitchens. My mother and I have participated in local knitting circles, and she donates yarn to charitable causes. They taught us the importance of caring for our neighbors, a tenet they have followed in their own lives.

As a social worker with 25 years’ experience, I have worked with individual clients and families, provided services in schools in Waterville and Winslow, developed and managed program budgets, supervised staff, and worked to obtain grants to help fund services. I am proud of my ability to use resources carefully to provide services for children in need.

I believe poverty and its consequences are the most pressing problems facing this district. I believe that by serving this district in the Maine Senate, I can make a difference. I invite you to ask questions, learn more, and get involved. Don’t be surprised if you see me on your doorstep – getting to know the people of this district is a huge part of both my campaign and my service. I look forward to meeting you!


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  1. WoW May Bring Down This Politician of the Day - TDW Geeks Says:

    […] this is the age we live in — Maine state Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz is an avid World of Warcraft player, and she’s catching all kinds of hell for it from her […]

  2. WoW May Bring Down This Politician of the Day - The Daily What Says:

    […] this is the age we live in — Maine state Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz is an avid World of Warcraft player, and she’s catching all kinds of hell for it from her […]

  3. TDW Geek: WoW May Bring Down This Politician - Video Games - Memes, Captions, and Funny Videos Says:

    […] this is the age we live in — Maine state Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz is an avid World of Warcraft player, and she’s catching all kinds of hell for it from her […]

  4. Mark Colopy Says:

    If World of WarCraft is abnormal, how are we to think of individuals who dress up like Civil War Soldiers, carry guns, ride horses and die upon imaginary command in open fields with hundreds or thousands of other like minded individuals.

    You go Girl!!

  5. Clara Says:

    Attacking you because you WoW is just showing how desperate they truly are. You have this Waterville gamer girl’s vote.

  6. emanuel Says:

    This has me worried. I read that most of the Silicon Valley CEOs play WoW. I’m thinking maybe I should boycott databases and computers until they vow to stop the imaginary killing!

  7. Paul Says:

    Hope you roll a natural 20 against these shenanigans!

  8. Ashley Esquivel Says:

    What I wrote on Tom Martin’s Facebook page:
    “You should fire your communications Director. You are obviously out of touch with your community and your attacks on Ms. Colleen Lachowicz make me ashamed to admit I am a Republican. I unfortunately, do not live in Maine, but your attacks have just served to endear her to her and your community even further. I have to say, I honestly hope you lose, because anyone who tries to deflect people away from their own campaign using these tactics is just a coward.
    Good Riddance. ”

    You have handled this situation with grace and I commend you on that. If I could vote for you, I would. Stay strong, keep your head up high, and know Texas is behind you!

  9. Paul Says:

    Video games are a mainstream and perfectly legitimate form of entertainment enjoyed by millions. Anyone who doesn’t recognize this fact is out of touch with an entire generation of their electorate.

  10. Nick Says:


    Who can’t tell reality from fantasy – you for playing or them for thinking it defines your character?

    If I lived in your state you’d have my vote – if you were Alliance… :)

  11. Jason Says:

    Colleen, I am a Missouri Republican, Tea Party supporter, and online gamer. The Republicans you apparently have running against you are boneheads if the best they have is your online gaming hobby. If you were running in my district you’d have my vote. I wish you the best.

  12. Tom Says:

    I ain’t a gamer, but I read the article about you gaming. I think the other guy is grasping at straws. Last I heard there ain’t a big anti-gaming lobby

  13. BL Says:

    So what if Colleen likes to play on online game? Christopher Stevens, the ambassador who was killed in Libya, was an avid EVE Online (another MMORPG, like World of Warcraft) player.

  14. Chris Says:

    Hi from Northern Ireland! I read about the attempt to raise concerns over your hobby. For what it’s worth I think it’s a desperate ploy by a party woefully out of touch. Hope you level up and leave the opposition forced to reroll their stratagies :)

  15. SK Says:

    Someone playing online gaming…what news is that ? I really don’t understand what this issue is. I wonder how many police officers, judges, doctors, etc. play ?

    Wake up America this is the 21st Century !

  16. Syox Says:


    don”t let those Reps get you :).
    At least we players get to know many People, not only in the neighborhood, but all over the World. We make Friends. We make this World a little bit a better place.
    So best wishes and greetings from Germany

  17. Oobatz Says:

    I live in MN, and I generally vote Republican, but the attention given to the WoW account is absurd. The bar got to be too loud and too crowded. When we had kids, on-line gaming became good, clean, cheap fun. Its great for social interaction that I missed when I stopped hanging out with my friends at the bar. There is a group of us that started playing together in 1999, as we still play today. The games have changed, but the people haven’t. Our group ranges from college students to a guy who just turned 77 this year. Tell me another place where you can find such a diverse people working together to reach the same goal?

    If you have a paypal account, I will make a contribution to your campaign (my dad might rollver in his grave, but then again, he never knew how much fun on-line gaming is).

  18. Brian G. Says:

    Well, I am sitting in my apartment at 2am Guam time, watching CNN when I see a familiar face. Good to see that you are still fighting the good fight. Regardless of the gaming issue, it is good to see people of integrity in the arena. Good luck, you’ll be a wonderful Senator.

  19. tilo Says:

    a american politikan who is goodlooking, play games and says it is stoopid to be more interessetet in personly misdredit then in helping others. babe you are great^^

    im from german and if you are fired in america come to germany and candidate for kanzler here. my vote 4 u is sure!

  20. James Says:


    I’m impressed with your political knowledge and views. I live in GA so I’m used to Republicans using fear and ignorance to get votes. I can’t vote for you but I’ll be contributing to the Maine SDCC. The people of Maine will be lucky to have a smart representative like you fighting for them. Good luck in your campaign!

  21. Judith K. Bogdanove Says:

    Unfortunately, I can’t vote for you, as I’m not a Maine resident currently, but I am sending you a small donation. I too am a gaming “girl” and a Democrat. Hope you win!

  22. Suvitruf Says:

    If I lived in U.S. you’d have my vote (;

  23. Colleen F. Says:

    I’m a 44 year old (as of tomorrow) mother of a 10 year old boy. I run a successful publishing company and I am the president of the parents association at a private school here in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan. I am the coach of my son’s soccer team and I have a level 89 Blood Elf Mage, along with several other 85’s.

    I play with my retired aunt, my cousin, her husband (both college professors) in a guild which consists of many other parents and successful working adults.

    I just wanted to express my support and wish you the best.

  24. Nikiaha Says:

    Hi colleen, I just wanted to wish you good luck with running for your state senate job. I’m sad you can’t be with me anymore but I love Deedee as well :) Everything is going well, just so you know.
    Hope all goes well!!
    Love, Nikiaha Bragg<3

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